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Everyone is aware of 420 as the cannabis holiday that was apparently started by some high school stoners known as the Waldo's in California back in the 1970’s. However, more recently a new day has been stealing the cannabis holiday spotlight. The cannabis holiday that is known as 710 is a relatively new phenomenon and this day of stoner celebration has exploded in popularity while others are still relatively unaware of its existence or significance. The holiday started to gain fame in 2013, however, the official year and origins are unknown. 710 takes place, like 420, on its respective calendar date July 10th. Witty cannabis consumers, or should I say hash lovers, figured out that 710 upside-down spells “OIL”. Creating a new holiday full of fun, events and a reason to hang out and get baked. Although 710’s beginnings are unknown, since the last few years with legalization continuing to sweep the country, more and more people are becoming aware of the new hash holiday. In legal states, there are plenty of hash and dab related events including the giant Chalice Hash and Music Festival in California that takes place during the days leading up to 7/10. In Colorado cannabis and hash lovers gather for dab sessions at legal venues like the Loopr Bus provide a mobile place to dab for those locals who like to get around for the celebrations while being able to enjoy their dabs. 710 is a day where people bring their favorite glass rigs and best concentrates together to enjoy the day we now have reserved for dabbing hash. 710 is our favorite holiday here at Dabble Extracts and we hope you get ready for 710 as we get ready to dab out and enjoy the day with the cannabis community, friends and family and great concentrates. A relatively new holiday, 710 will continue to expand in popularity and cultural awareness and we at Dabble Extracts plan on continuing to play a positive role proving Colorado cannabis consumers with the cleanest product on the market. For us here at Dabble Extracts 710 isn’t just a day, it’s a lifestyle.

Happy 710!