Dabble Extracts is supporting Free Indeed Church and the work they are doing for the most undeserved area in Houston, Homestead Road. Free Indeed is doing amazing work for their community, and has been the area's pillar of strength after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Offering shelter to roughly 250 people inside of their church, as well as providing food and services to those people and all others in their community makes Free Indeed Church incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, at the end of October the church is no longer able to provide these services due to lack of funding. Dabble Extracts has made it a goal to reach $10,000 dollars to donate to Free Indeed Church so that they can continue doing their amazing work for this struggling community. Owner, Josh, experienced first hand the devastation that took place, "so many buildings totally gutted, and many people out of a home. Or worse, one woman we spoke with has to live in her damaged home with her 4 kids... and FEMA? They denied her. So now she has to rebuild on her own. There are many similar stories like this. We're so glad we got to meet the amazing people we did." October 24th Dabble Extracts made their way to Texas delivering a truck full of clothing, food, water, cleaning supplies, toiletries, children's items, pet food, bedding, and furniture.
The devastation is over, but rebuilding will take a long time. View more info at KRDO Southern Colorado continues helping Harvey