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In the world of shatter and wax, quality matters. This is why we have implemented a wide number of best practices in quality management to ensure the integrity of our medicinal cannabis products. However, quality in the extraction and production phases can be offset if the shatter or wax isn’t optimally stored when purchased. We offer a few tips for storing your wax or shatter below:


Maintaining Quality after the Point of Sale


Dabble Extracts shatter, wax, and other medicinal products are created with the highest quality standards in mind. Our closed loop extractor was implemented a year before it was mandated in Colorado, we use state of the art laboratory equipment and best in class quality practices, and we test all of our products with our lab partners at Phytatek and Gobo labs to ensure the integrity of our shatter and wax.


However, when you purchase quality shatter and wax from a dispensary, this is only part of the equation to enjoying the medicinal qualities of the shatter or wax. The other part is how you store your concentrate. Storing shatter and wax in an environment with too much heat or moisture will hurt the overall product as well too. Like all other medicinal marijuana products, light is notoriously bad for long-term storage as well.


There are many questions out there about storing your concentrate. For example, a Reddit user asked a question to the community about whether or not freezing shatter and wax is okay. That user received a number of different answers. Some said it would be okay. Others said it would create too much condensation. Users may have to use their own judgement to determine whether or not to use a freezer, a refrigerator, or just a shelf.


In general, most in the industry agree that wax and shatter should be stored in a cold, dark place where there are as few variables as possible that could affect it. It should be sealed in an airtight container, and it might be a good idea to use parchment paper to negate the sticky qualities of the shatter especially. When you consider the quality of your medicinal cannabis, remember to maintain it through responsible storage.