dabble conference

The International Cannabis Business Conference had a very good month in February. First, it announced that the conference would expand to Vancouver in October and Berlin, Germany in April of next year. This is in addition to the winter San Francisco conference that took place on February 13-14. The conference offers a business-focused theme to provide information on marijuana business entrepreneurship, the latest regulations on quality, and other issues that would pertain to dispensaries, extractors, and others in the industry.


With that in mind, there were several speakers who presented at the event. Tommy Chong spoke, but his presence shouldn’t be surprising. In addition to his 80s movies and comedy routines with Cheech Marin that featured marijuana smoking, Chong has been an active proponent of cannabis rights. However, several other speakers are more surprising. Two congressmen, Dana Rohrabacher and Earl Blumenauer, spoke at the event about their crusade to end cannabis prohibition in Congress.


Speaking of DC, another speaker at the event was Dr. Jocelyn Elders, our nation’s first African American Surgeon General. Dr. Elders was a proponent of ending the war on drugs back in the early 1990s, and she has spoken at length about how marijuana laws have been the engine that has driven the inflation of African American imprisonment for the past thirty years. She was highly supportive of Prop 19 in California and wants the nation to move in the direction of universal legalization.


Although there is still a long road to nationwide legalization, the conference did highlight that there is a shift in how some in the establishment are approaching marijuana. Several presidential candidates have said that they either support medicinal marijuana or believe that further testing should be done to see what potential benefits it could have for those who are chronically ill.


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