Marijuana products are flourishing in many states, as more and more people become aware of their beneficial medical applications. However, the increased use of these products has given rise to concerns about their safety, especially for patients with severely weakened immune systems. This is not due to any inherent characteristics of the plants themselves, but rather the types of pesticides that may be used on them and any solvents that may have seeped into the ground and been absorbed during the growing process. Both of these substances can have major side effects if ingested, and the last thing that suffering epilepsy or cancer patients need is to have their lives threatened by something else.

medical marijuana

The issue here is that, though legal in some states, marijuana still has not been legalized on a federal level. This means that there is no quality control, FDA regulation, or other standardization on the government’s end. In short, the federal government is not requiring any sort of testing for these products. This leaves the filtering and analysis of hash-based products up to the companies that produce them and any labs that dare – and many labs don’t dare. Another issue with the lack of federal legalization is that many labs that would normally be testing these products are afraid of being shut down for “breaking the law.” In a given state, the companies may be acting legally; federally, their actions could be considered criminal.

In addition, while some states have lists of pesticides that are safe to use on marijuana plants, many of them have very limited resources for upholding these standards. This inconsistent policy places the burden of testing squarely on the shoulders of the producers of the products, which is why it’s so important to find a company that recognizes the need for quality control. At Dabble Extracts, we’ve been testing for dangerous pesticides and solvents for a while and have always had the safety of our clients in mind. We partner with Phytatech labs and Cannlabs to ensure clean products that are free of pesticides, almost all of which test at 0ppm residual solvents.

There are many reasons for people to be cautious about the things that they put into their bodies. What with the lack of consistent regulations, it’s unsurprising that these people might be wary of untested marijuana extracts. Until the government federally legalizes the substance, trust only in a company that offers high standards and thorough testing. Contact us at Dabble Extracts for more information today!